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LG-B series multistage high-level building water supply pump

Flow: 3-72m³/h

Lift: 10-200m

Caliber: 10-500mm

Power: 1.1-55KW

Temperate: ≤80℃

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Product Description

LG-B type vertical multistage centrifugal pump is a new water supply equipment developed to meet the practical needs for high-rise building constant pressure water supply and water supply for fire fighting industry. The pump uses the domestic excellent hydraulic model, well designed by our engineers. It has advantages like high efficiency, steady performance, low noise, long running life, beautiful appearance, covering small area, easy to maintain and light in weight, etc.

LG-B series is made up of two parts: motor and pump. The pump shaft and motor shaft is connect by the clamp shell type coupling, to ensure the pump and motor is coaxial, so that the pump is steady and has low noise when it is running. The motor is three-phase asynchronous motor of Y type. It easy to renewal the motor. The overall is rigidly connected and it does not need correction when you use it. The shaft seal uses the mechanical seal. The pump’s structure is easy to open, making it easy to replace the seal. The pump rotation direction is clockwise when looked from the view of motor bottom.


1. Compact structure, small size and beautiful appearance, the structure decides that it needs small space for installation. It can be used outdoor with shield.
2. The impeller is directly installed on the motor bearing to make sure they are coaxial so that the pump can work more stably and for a longer time.
3. The shaft seal uses mechanical seal or combination mechanical seal. It uses high quality Titanium alloy ring to make the seal more wear-resistant and to prolong the service life of the pump.
4. Easy installation and maintenance, do not need to open the pipeline system. The diameter of inlet and outlet are same, offering convenience for pipeline connection.
5. You can let the pumps work in series mode or parallel mode according to the need for flow and lift.
6. The suction and discharge nozzles can be installed in different direction, which is 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° to meet the need for different connection occasions.
7. The lift can be changed by increasing or decreasing the pump stages and the diameter of cutting impeller, not by changing the occupied area for installation. That is a feature unique to this pump. Other pumps cannot do that.

Main application

The LG-B type vertical multistage centrifugal pump is especially suitable for constant pressure water supply to high-level buildings like houses, hotels, office buildings, and can be used as support pump for water supply equipment in fire protection, sprinkler system; also can be used for automatic water refilling in cooling tower of chemical process, pressurizing system, water circulation in production process, remote water delivery and boiler feed water and other water supply equipment. The liquids being delivered must be clean water at room temperature(T<80℃) (hot water type of pump can deliver liquids less than 105℃), or liquids at room temperature with similar physical or chemical properties as water.

Working conditions

1. The liquids being pumped shall be similar with water, dynamic viscosity <150mm2/s, no hard solid particles, non-corrosive.
2. LG multistage centrifugal pump shall be used at altitude less than 1000m. If you want to use it at altitude more than 1000m, please note it clearly when placing the order so that we can produce a more reliable product for you.
3. Temperature of liquids shall be -15℃~120℃;
4. Maximum working pressure of the system≤2.5MPa;
5. Environment temperature shall be lower than 40℃, relative humidity less than 95%.

Technical Parameters

Process Flow

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