I. Product quality commitment

  • 1. Quality records and testing reports on product manufacturer and testing are available;
  • 2. About testing on product performance, we sincerely welcome customers to come to supervise the complete testing process. We will pack and deliver the goods after it is confirmed qualified.

III. Delivery time commitment

  • 1. Product delivery time: we will follow customer requirement as far as possible; if you have special requirement and want us to finish producing it ahead of time, we can arrange special production and installation. We will try our best to satisfy your needs.;
  • 2. Our company will offer the following documents on delivery of the goods:
    ① Maintenance and repairs manual
    ② General assembly drawing
    ③ User manual of purchased parts and their manufacturers
    ④ Quick-wear parts and spare parts list, and we will send you some spare parts as presents

II. Product price commitment

  • 1. To ensure that the product is highly reliable and advanced, we only use raw materials from national or international high quality famous brands for manufacturing;
  • 2. In competition on a level playing field, we sincerely offer you the most favorable price without reducing technical performance of the product or replacing product components.

IV. After sales service commitment

  • 1. Service principle: fast, decisive, exact, attentive, thoroughly;
  • 2. Service goal: serve for quality, win customer satisfaction;
  • 3. Service efficiency: it the equipment break down, whether under warranty or not, our maintenance man will come to maintain it within 24 hours since we receive your notice; Service rule: the product has 12 months free warranty. Maintenance under warranty is free.

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