WEL Pump Industry congratulates the success of Belt and Road Forum


Translated by Joyce from WEL Pump Industry

At the beginning of summer in May, green grasses are growing and flowers are blooming. All creatures are living vigorously meanwhile to the real sense of prosperity.

The world has cast its eyes to China again.

This time it is extraordinary.

From 14 to 15 in May 2017, our national president Xi Jinping attended “Belt and road” Forum for International Cooperation. He hosted the round table summit meeting of leaders. With observation and deliberation on the status of world affairs and the fate of human beings, President Xi discussed the construction and cooperation about “Belt and Road” with each sides participating the meeting, drawing the favorite picture of the common fate of all human beings.

Leading the development of the world, China’s proposal inspired responses from all over the globe.

More than 2000 years ago, our ancestors started from scratch, got through prairies and deserts, finally developed the silk road on land that connects Asia, Europe and Africa. They sailed through horrifying waves in their long voltage, creating the silk road on sea that connects the east and the west.

On the morning of May 14, at the National Conference Center,

Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation Opened up.

President Xi delivered a keynote speech that took human beings at heart, having the whole world in view, grandly including the present and the ancient times.

The conference hall capable of holding more than 1600 people is full with people.

The 40 minutes lecture received 27 times of warm applause on the site.

President Xi is highly praised by guests from each line of industry attending the meeting for his sophisticated deliberation, grand proposal and practical promotion that lead the construction of “Belt and Road” to develop broadly and bear worthwhile fruits.

The spirit of Belt and Road greatly inspires WEL Pump Industry. This largely boosts the morale of our staff members. We will make efforts to offer even better service to our clients all over the world.

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