How does Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation influence WEL Pump Industry?

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Translator: Joyce from WEL Pump Industry

Chinese source: Report by Xinhua News Agency on May 15 in Beijing.

Chinese National President Xi Jinping proposed in 2013 to build Belt Road Economic Zone and Silk Road on Sea in the 21st Century together.

Over the past three years, the construction of “Belt and Road” has progressed fluently and made plentiful achievements, widely welcomed and highly commented by international society.

From May 14 to May 15 in 2017, China hosted the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing.

This is a grand international meeting where all parties get together to discuss and build the “Belt and Road”, to share the fruits of mutual beneficial cooperation. This is also an important platform for furthering international cooperation and connecting each other’s development strategy.

During the Forum and on its eve, governments of each country, regions and enterprises reached a series of agreement on cooperation, took crucial measurement and made practical achievements. The Chinese side has summarized some of the representative achievements and put them in order, forming a Forum Achievement List.

This list mainly covers policy communication, facility connection, fluent trade, funds circulation and interlinked popular feelings, which falls into 5 categories, 76 general types and more than 270 specific achievements.

1. Promote strategic connection, further policy communication

1) Chinese government has signed mutual“Belt and Road” cooperation and forgiveness memorandum with relative governments including Mongolia, Pakistan, Nepal, Croatia, Republic of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, east timor, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma.

2) Chinese government has signed cooperation files with relevant international organizations including United Nations Development Program, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, United Nations Human Settlements Program, United Nations Children’s Funds, United Nations Population Fund, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, World Health Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization, International Criminal Police Organization.

3) Chinese government signed memorandum of understanding about compiling Sino-Hungary Cooperative Schedule Outline together with Hungarian government, and signed intergovernmental bilateral cooperative plan about constructing “Belt and Road” with governments of Laos and Cambodia. (to be continued)

As a development private company, WEL Pump Industry will take this golden opportunity to develop our submersible pump and sewage pump markets overseas, to supply more high quality water pumps to people all over the world.

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