Axial-flow propeller pumps

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Axial-flow propeller pumps are built with a range of innovative features that offer cost and efficiency benefits when moving large volumes of water. Our compact design reduces the footprint of building and civil construction cost by up to 20%.

This innovative solution is an expandable rubber ring mounted on the perimeter of the pump volute that expands and adapts to the pipe as water flow and pressure increases, reducing turbulence and the efficiency losses this causes.

High-precision one piece propeller resolves the potential malfunctions from blade adjustment, and the smooth design means rags and solids slide off the propeller, resulting in less clogging.
These axial-flow propeller pumps are designed for high flow – up to 150,000 gpm – at low head of 30ft. Built to handle large quantities of water, the pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications such as:

  • flood and storm water control
  • large volume drainage and irrigation
  • raw water intake
  • transfer of liquids in large-scale municipal sewage treatment plants
  • circulation of large quantities of water
  • water level control in coastal and low-lying areas
  • filling and emptying of dry docks and harbor installations
  • filling or emptying of reservoirs

The mixed flow propeller pump is designed for high flow at medium head.
Every pump is individually engineered to suit your requirements, ensuring cost-efficient performance.

Built to handle large quantities of raw water, the pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications.
• Flood and storm water control
• Large-volume drainage and irrigation
• Raw water intake
• Circulation of large quantities of water, e.g. in water parks
• Water-level control in coastal and low-lying areas
• Filling and emptying of dry docks and harbour installations
• Filling or emptying of reservoirs
• Treated sewage
• Cooling water intake in power stations
• Process and discharge water
• Other low to medium head/high flow applications

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