Boycott fake stainless steel sewage pump

1.To boycott fake stainless steel sewage pump, we had better get a good knowledge about the steps and methods of manufacturing fake stainless steel sewage pump. 1. The fake pump makers will choose a renowned manufacturer. It doesn’t matter if this manufacture really produces any stainless steel sewage pump, as long as it is famous. The fake pump makers would like the renowned manufacturer be far from their own company. Many buyers will give up paying a visit to the agent and manufacturer because of long distance. The long distance does the fake pump makers a favor. For instance, if the faker pump makers are at the southwest, they will choose a renowned manufacturer at the northeast. In a word, to the fake pump makers, the longer the distance, the better.

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2.  Next, they will register a company name that is similar to the name of the renowned manufacturer. For example, if the manufacturer’s name is Tianjin XX stainless steel sewage pump company, the agent or the fake pump maker will call themselves Shanghai XX stainless steel sewage pump company. In fact, these two companies have no relation at all. They are both independent legal person. Each of them runs their business independently and take independent responsibility. The customers and purchasers will take them as general company and branch company by mistake, thinking that they have close relations.

3. Pay management fee and take the stainless steel sewage pump

Many manufacturers are ignorant and have no foresight. Some manufacturers even boldly support the fake pump makers as they want to make profits through the management fee paid to them by the so-called agents. The renowned manufacturer will produce some models of stainless steel sewage pump. For these models, the agent will stock from the manufacturer. But for other models, the agent will get from small workshops or illegal enterprises, and put on the manufacturer’s labels and certification. These labels and certification are not from the manufacturer, but they are as authentic as the real ones. The fake labels and certificates are very cheap to make.   It is ridiculous that the stainless steel sewage pumps provided by the agents of one manufacturer in different places are totally different.   The is the primary stage of fake pump making.

4.The middle stage of fake stainless steel sewage pump making

In some cases, the agent sells many stainless steel sewage pumps produced by illegal enterprises. In order to cover the truth, they will let the illegal enterprise make a model for the logo of official manufacturer.

5.The advanced stage of fake stainless steel sewage pump making

The agent and the manufacturer will cooperate to make fake stainless steel sewage pumps, along with many fake certificates and honors.

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