Assemble and disassemble of the coupling of water well pumps submersible

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1. When dismantling the coupling of water well pumps submersible, it is not allowed to knock it directly with a hammer. You should put a cooper bar under the coupling firstly. And you should knock the wheel hub of the coupling instead of its external rim, as the rim is easy to break. 

The most ideal method is to use a specialized tool called Luzi.
Small or medium size water well pumps submersible have small magnitude of interference. Therefore, their couplings are easy to take down.
While the coupling and shaft of larger water well pumps submersible match with larger magnitude of interference. Hence, we must heat the coupling before dismantling it.

 2. When assembling the coupling, you should pay attention to the serial no. of the keys (in case of coupling with more than two keys).
If you hit the coupling with a cooper bar, you must pay attention to the position.
For example, hitting on the end surface of the shaft hole is easy to make it contract. That will make the shaft unable to get through. Hitting on the rim of coupling is easy to break the straightness of the end face. That will influence the accuracy when measuring the shaft with a feeler gauge in future.
For coupling with large magnitude of interference, you should heat it before assembly.

3. We must ensure the pins, screws, washers and rubber mats of the coupling are of uniform specifications and sizes, for fear of influencing the dynamic balance of the coupling.
We should mark the bolts of the coupling and the correspondent pin holes on the coupling to avoid mistake in assembly.

4. The coupling and the shaft usually adopt transition fit, which is both possible for a bit of interference fit and a bit of clearance. Loose transition fit are suitable for couplings with longer wheel hub. These couplings have longer shaft holes, and their surface are coarse from processing. Therefore, they will naturally produce a small amount of interference fit after assembly.
If the fit between couping and shaft is so loose as to influence the concentricity of shaft and hole, you should make up by welding it.
To punch dots on the shaft or add a cooper shell to it is nothing but a makeshift only. It is not an ideal solution.

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