WEL Pump firefighting knowledge training

On March 21, 2017, all employees of WEL Pump received firefighting knowledge training from Instructor Mr. Yu.

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Chinese government has been making efforts to highlight fire safety awareness of people, especially city residents who live or work in high level buildings. Mr. Yu from the firefighting training center in Zhengzhou City is a professional instructor. He has gived lectures to many company employees.

WEL Pump is a key local enterprise with over 100 employees working in a high level office building. We are happy to receive the lecture from Instructor Yu.

At the beginning of the lecture, he showed some fire disasters to us (WEL Pump employees). He also introduced the working process of firefighting crews. Next, he gave us (WEL Pump employees) some suggestions for preventing fire disasters. For instance, we can cut off power by taking off the plug on power board or press the button on it when we leave home or office. Then, he showed some useful tools for firefighting. For example, a damp quilt can be used to put out a fire on solid body. But if this is an electric fire, gas fire or liquid fire, people should not use water but sands to put it out.

He also suggested some professional tools, such as dry power extinguisher, aerosol fire extinguisher, etc. When a fire breaks out, he said, if you are on the top floor of a building with more than 10 floors, you had better stay there and wait for rescue. If you try to run away, you should be careful of smoke. You should take a damp towel, fold three times to make it into 8 layers, and use the towel to cover your mouth and nose to prevent smoke. But the damp towel can work for 3 minutes, enough time for you to run across 7 floors.

Besides, if you use natural gas for cooking at home, you had better use an alarm to detect gas leakage. In worse conditions, if too much natural gas leaks, when you arrive home after work, open the door and turn on a light, an explosion will burst out suddenly.

With the efforts of Instructors like Mr. Yu, Chinese people will become more and more aware of the importance of fire safety. We will make great progress in preventing fire disasters.

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