wel pump

Shanghai Weihu(WEL) Pump Co., Ltd. is one of the large scale manufacturers in China that design, manufacture and sell water pumps and control cabinets. Weihu Pump is the first grade enterprise of Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. Its production and sales value are on top in national submersible pump industry. With imported hydraulic mode, and high-grade, precision and advanced CNC production equipment, the reliability of the products it manufacturers is greatly improved and the technical indexes of its pumps are ensured to reach domestic advanced level. Weihu pump has strong technical support. It has more than 300 units of advance equipment including various CNC machines, planers, drilling machines, well drilling equipment and so on. Besides, it is equipped with a national standard computer testing system on general performance of water pump.

Shanghai Weihu(WEL) Pump Co., Ltd. covers an area of over 200000 square meters. There are more than 860 employees, among which more than 80 are senior professional technicians, more than 200 have senior titles. Our company manufacturers more than 40 kinds of international standard products including Complete set of non-negative pressure, constant pressure variable frequency water supply equipment, S, SH, SOW series single stage double suction centrifugal pump, D, MD, DF series wear-resistant multistage centrifugal pump, DG series middle-low pressure, intermediate pressure boiler pump, WQ non-clogging sewage pump, WQS blue water filled sewage pump, WQK cutting type sewage pump, WQX type mine sewage pump, WQ-JY automatic mix sewage pump, QJ well submersible electric pump, QS small submersible pump, QY oil-filled submersible pump, stainless steel submersible pump, ISG single stage single suction vertical pipeline pump, ISGB easy-disassemble vertical pipeline pump, ISW horizontal pipeline pumps, GDL vertical multistage pipeline pump, QDL/QDLF, CDL/CDLF series multistage light centrifugal pump, LG, LG-B high-level building water supply pump and other pipeline centrifugal pumps; XBD-L vertical single/multistage fire pump, XBD-W horizontal single/multistage fire pump, QJX, soft-start control cabinet, self-coupling voltage reduction control cabinet, ABB variable frequency control cabinet and other multi-function control cabinets.

The production capacity of our company is kept increasing with years of development. In 2009, production base of Shanghai Weihu Pump Co., Ltd. in Henan was established, mainly producing submersible sewage pump, deep well pump, single stage double suction pump, submersible pump, mixed flow pump, dry pump, etc. In 2012, production base of Shanghai Weihu Pump Co., Ltd. in Sinkiang was established, mainly producing single stage pump, single stage double suction pump, etc. In 2013, production base of Shanghai Weihu Pump Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu was established, mainly producing stainless steel deep well pump, stainless steel single stage pump, single stage double suction pump, etc. Its headquarters in Shanghai mainly produce fire pump, sewage ascension pump, non-negative pressure water supply system, variable frequency water supply equipment and supporting control cabinet, etc. As our company growing up with time, our markets are expanding too. In recent years, we have established branch companies in Henan province, Shandong province, Wuhan province, Liaoning province, and Inner Mongolia, etc. At the same time, our foreign trade department is popularizing “Weihu” pumps all over the world. Our product brand and product quality has been recognized as reliable by customers from over 20 countries.

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